Cable Arrival

A ceremony to mark the landing of the cable was held on 11th of June, 2013.

As it is our tradition; the ceremony was opened with a prayer followed by remarks from distinguished guests from various government departments all of whom had contributed towards the implementation of the cable project with Keynote Speech delivered by Hon. Prime Minister, Lord Tu’ivakano.

As these formalities were presented, invited guests could observe at a distance that a buoy, attached to the fibre optic cable, was carried from the cable laying ship assisted by smaller sea vessels to reach the shore. The buoy was then received with a blow of traditional shells and by young men and women in traditional costumes carried to shore where it was received by the CEO of TCL, Mr Robert Bolouri and the Alcatel-Lucent’s representative for the project, Ms Hélène Bertaud. The buoy was then presented to the Hon. Prime Minister, Lord Tu’ivakano as a symbol of completion of laying and arrival of the cable .