Tonga Cable Limited

Tonga Cable Limited (TCL) is a public enterprise and its three shareholders are the Tonga Government 66.6%, Tonga Communications Corporation (TCC) 16.7% and Digicel Tonga Limited (DTL) 16.7%.

Tonga Cable Limited was formed in November 2009, with approval of Government of Tonga, to build and manage a submarine fibre optic cable to connect Tonga to an international network service with a vision to provide reliable, safe and affordable high speed internet as its core service.

This project was financed partially by World Bank, partially by Asian Development Bank and the balance was provided by Tonga Communications Corporation (TCC) and Digicel Tonga Limited (DTL).

Office hours are from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through to Friday.


To provide quality, reliable and affordable broadband connectivity and innovative data services in the region.